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Thankful 30 – day 2 – and another challenge…

November 2, 2010

Here’s my journal page for today…

Yup, that’s right! I voted in my 1st election today, woot! (except technically I voted like a month ago…yeah absentee ballot!) 😀

P.S. I plan on having move exciting journal pages in the future…

So you’re probably wondering what the 2nd challenge is…Carly on Chic Steals is Announcing: The 30 Days of Outfits Challenge : “For 30 days for the month of November, I’m challenging myself to wear a completely-different, heretofore forgotten outfit each day, never wearing the same thing twiceand will have a self-made or DIYed part to it.

I love the idea of this, but am not ready to commit myself to a month that, lol, but I’m going to try to wear the things in my closet that I have yet to wear, or don’t wear often. This means about 2 dresses and some skirts that I barely ever wear, lol. I’m going to start off by doing the challenge tomorrow and then next week. (I think…)

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  1. November 3, 2010 1:11 am

    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog and my challenge…I love the idea of the Thankful 30 Day challenge too!
    I have so much in my closet I don’t wear (or that even has the tags on it!!) that I really need to shape up. Sometimes your life doesn’t quite necessitate so many things, you know? While I’m working towards the day that I will need a versatile work wardrobe, for now my casual wear needs some streamlining, hence my challenge to myself.:-)

    Let me know if you do end up doing the challenge and posting a week of outfits – I’ll mention it in my next post!

    Congrats on voting…feels great to participate!

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