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Thankful 30 + Outfit Challenge

November 4, 2010

Here’s my journal entry for the day:

I’m thankful for Christine, my oldest sister! I love that I live in the same city as her right now! 🙂 We get to fly home for Thanksgiving together! She is smart and fun and I’m so glad she’s my sister. ❤
(btw- that grey bunny-ish looking thing in the corner is supposed to be Totoro btw….I need to work on my drawing skills lol)

Okay – so before you see my outfit I must warn you that I’m one of those people who is really indecisive on what they are going to wear that day. This usually isn’t so bad at home – but now I have class at 9, and I get up at like 8:30, so my time for getting ready in the morning is limited (my bed/sleep > getting ready for the day) so today’s outfit is not exciting. (Sorry)

Also I’m not wearing anything new besides the shoes (which I got this summer at DSW) – shame on me, I know – but it was going to be cold, and …ya you know the rest. The shirt is from American Eagle (from like 8th grade, aka 2005) and the jeans are from Delia’s (these are from 10th grade, so a little better, lol).

Tomorrow will be better, I promise!!

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