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November 7, 2010

Thankful 30 – Day 6:

Today I’m really thankful for my friends! I had an awesome conversation with one of my good friends on Skype today – we almost talked for 2 hours! (needless to say there was a lot we had to catch up on!) I also had a great time playing Loaded Questions with some new friends. 🙂

My outfit is really boring today. I apologize – I spent about 90% of my day in sweats and a t-shirt (yay Saturdays!) I didn’t really get changed until 9:20pm! lol!

However, I did spend some time straightening my hair! (something I rarely do, I don’t have the patience for it, lol – but now that my hair is so much longer it’s more straight than curly so…ya…)

Also, I’m rocking the glasses 😉

I’m wearing a purple t-shirt from the Gap, a different pair of jeans from Delia’s, clay earrings that I made over the summer (I didn’t have any purple earrings!), my Nikes from DSW (not pictured), and a black jacket (also not pictured).

I hope everyone else is having a fantastic night!

Happy extra hour of sleep! 😀

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  1. November 7, 2010 9:01 am

    cute glasses!!

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