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gotta love the fall!

November 8, 2010

The past two days have been really nice! AND the weather is supposed to stay in the 70s all week! 😀

So…I didn’t post on Sunday…soooo….here it goes:

Here’s my outfit! I’m wearing a salmon-y colored top from the LOFT, a jean bubble-ish skirt from the Gap, and a white cardigan from Nordstrom’s. (all new stuff, too! finally!) I love this skirt but I only have about 3 shirts I can wear with it :/ I need to work on that

On my feet I was wearing these evil, but oh-so-cute shoes:

I got these from Target about a week or so ago, and have worn them twice for not very long – gotta break them in, you know? Unfortunately they love to cut the back of my heel! The first time I wore them (last Sunday) I got a cut on my left foot and this time I got one on my right foot! gar! But I’m hoping that that’s the last of that.

Anyways, here’s my journal from Sunday:

mmmm I don’t know what I’d do without ice cream!! ❤ it’s my absolute favorite. 😀


The sky here is always so blue! I’m surprised when there are clouds in it – not kidding. I love it! It makes the day seem so much brighter and happier!! Plus today was really nice out!

I started the day off in jeans, but it was wayy too nice for that, I had to take advantage of this fantastic day. 🙂

I went with a salmon colored shirt again, today (I guess I was just feeling this color…?) and some jean capri/shorts from Abercrombie (thrifted, though! yes!). You can’t really tell, but I wore a head band today – I really like headbands and have a couple but I don’t wear them often enough! Also I’m wearing some pretty silver earrings 🙂 and since I could, I wore my black platform flipflops – yay for an extra 2 inches!!! 😀

So I realize my outfits are pretty boring. It’s one of the things this outfit challenge is making me realize. That and I don’t have enough necklaces! I have like 3 and they’re all really colorful, I don’t have any silver necklaces. No worries, though, I have some good things planned for my winter break! 🙂 Come back on Thursday to see! 😀

P.S. sorry for the long post….

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