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November 10, 2010

Tuesday was super busy (which is why this is posted on Wednesday…) but it was a good day overall 🙂

Here’s my outfit…

(once again, sorry for the sub-par pictures :/ – I tried to take some in the morning but it didn’t really work out – sorry!)

(I know I look a little crazy in this picture – I was running to get back to my room so that I could change and get to running in time!)

I’m wearing another shirt from the LOFT – love that store! – and a necklace that my sister gave me for Christmas (I think it’s from Forever 21)

I’m wearing dark-wash jeans from Delia’s (yes all my jeans are from there execpt my pair of skinny jeans) and my jelly sandals from Old Navy!

I hope your Tuesday was a lot less crazy than mine was! Some friends and I stood in line to get tickets to see the new Harry Potter movie at midnight, but they ran out of tickets about three people ahead of us 😦 we were so close! grrr on those people who cut in line!!!!! (we were going to get tickets – one of the ticket guys was counting and we were included in the count…until people cut…) *sigh* it’s all good though – I wasn’t dying to see it or anything, but I’ve never gone to a premier and thought it’d be fun 🙂

Anyways, today….

😀 we always have a lot of fun in our room and stuff – lots of laughter 🙂

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