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Last Outfit Challenge! and more of Thankful 30

November 12, 2010

Yes, lame I know – my last day 😦 – but this weekend’s kinda crazy and I’m always rushing to get pics for it – so I will probably continue but just not take pics, etc. (If I manage to scrounge up a particularly fantastic outfit I’ll be sure to tell you about it…I have some plans rolling around in my head…)

Also I’m afraid my outfit’s not much cooler – though I’m finally wearing one of my many pairs of awesome earrings!

Today I’m wearing a simple black v-neck from Ann Taylor, jean shorts/capri – things (same as Monday :/ I couldn’t not wear them – it was sooo nice out!), my black platform flipflops and my awesome green and black dangly earrings that I got from my sister! 😀

Here’s my journal page from today:

(the music is supposed to piano keys, btw – I probably should’ve decided that before drawing the letters…ah well – live and learn!) I love listening to music! I’m mostly a fan of alternative/rock, rock, pop-rock and some techno. But I will listen to pretty much anything as long as it has a good beat and is not rap/hip-hop/r&b. 🙂  Also for several years I played the piano…I might get back into it, too – I can take piano class at my college – unfortunately it didn’t fit into my spring semester, so maybe another time!

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