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November 12, 2010

Today was another busy day and I started off on a late note since my alarm was set for PM instead of AM! Thank goodness my roommate has the same 9am class as I! haha

my outfit’s really simple today since I got dressed in a rush (I really enjoyed those extra 20 minutes of sleep, though! :D)

I’m wearing a brown top that has crocheted flowers on the yoke – from TJMaxx (love that store – and I have my sisters and mom to thank for this shirt – they thought I needed some more ‘feminine’ shirts – the sleeves are fluttery (kinda hard to tell in the pic)). Also I’m wearing yet another pair of Delia jeans and the brown flip-flops from yesterday.

And today…

haha yup! I had a lab today and the TAs were especially helpful! 🙂 Somedays they all just sit at the table in the middle and you’re at your computer with your hand raised being like “TA?? Help…please?” and they just ignore you – though there are like 2 or so who go around to help – and I’m thankful for those helpful ones 🙂

Yay! Tomorrow’s Friday!!!!

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