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Weekend of Epic-ness

November 21, 2010

On Friday I made the long-awaited pumpkin muffins (delicious!) and on Saturday I went to a place that’s basically a giant playground and saw the 7th Harry Potter movie!!

Day 20:

So much fun, can’t even describe – it was also great that I’m small because there were so many more places for me to crawl and climb (well, it was easier, anyways)

from the 2nd floor

part of the crazy outside jungle gym

I can’t wait to go back!! 🙂

Day 21:

I’m thankful for epic and awesome and fantastic movies! I saw HP7 and it was soooo awesome! I’m really glad they broke it into two pieces – I think they did a pretty good job (especially considering how detailed and long the book is!) and I’m excited for the 2nd (and last!) part!!! Also this one was a lot different from the previous movies – filming wise – like sometimes they would end a scene, show black, show a 2 second scene clip, more black, and another (normal) scene – (hopefully that made sense – and it probably will if you’ve seen the movie). Also at one point a story was told and they used animation – it was unexpected, but it looked really cool!

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