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Getting ready for Christmas!

December 14, 2010

yay! I’m sooo excited!!!

I’ve done some very Christmas-y activities in the past couple of days…I’ve warpped presents, made Christmas cookies, watched Christmas movies, made paper snowflakes, helped make 2 “Merry Christmas” signs, decorated a gingerbread house, and had it SNOW!!! 😀 🙂

That’s the sign that’s in our room 🙂

Here’s our gingerbread house:

(that’s holly above the door, btw and a wreath on the roof)

also – it snowed Saturday night!!! 😀 and it stuck, too!!!

here’s the snow at night! it’s hard to tell how many inches there were, because of drifting and stuff, but maybe 2 or so…? It’s mighty cold out though! Yesterday according to it felt like 1 degree F, at 7pm!! (actual was 15) that’s pretty darn cold! good thing it’s reading week, so we don’t really have to go outside all that much! 🙂

10 more days until Christmas!!!

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