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a break! :)

December 22, 2010


no school, no worries, no stress!

that is until, of course, I finish all of my Christmas presents!!!

I need to finish a scarf from my Secret Santa party Wednesday night (eek!) and make coasters for my sister by Christmas Eve (preferably).

So I need to get crackin’!

I have a feeling it’s going to be a late night…

in other news, so I at least leave you with a picture, my roommates are awesome:

(haha webcam backwardness XP)

So I don’t know when it happened, but I mentioned sometime before Thanksgiving that I crocheted a minion and they asked that I bring it back with me – so I did. And took some pictures…

this is me: "he's so squishy!"

anyways, so now we have this thing about Carl – my minion – (like we want him to be in like all of the pics taken in our room, lol) especially since I was lazy in the summer and never sewed the pants on (so you could take off the pants and the legs – which was hilarious!) – there were some funny times with that…especially when they went flying off once….hahaha (no worries, I finally sewed them on!)

so the point of this story is that my roommates are awesome for getting me “Despicable Me”! 😀

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  1. December 23, 2010 8:50 pm

    My roommate got that movie for me tooo!!! I’m about to watch it on the plane ride home :). LOVE IT!

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