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Looking Back…

January 5, 2011

Today I spent a good couple of hours on Bloglovin’ catching up on my blog reading (I haven’t really been online for the past week and a half…things add up quickly!) and I keep seeing posts about a year in review, so I decided to do one, too! (sorry if you are tired of these posts! lol)


I mostly worked on belated Christmas presents, lol! (I’m glad that I finished all my gifts by the New Year, this time!) There was also some ranting and some celebrating, as my sewing machine finally decided to like me!

Also I made some ‘blog goals’ for myself…let’s see how I did…

well I’m going to say that I did pretty much all of them! wahoo!

1) I’ve been pretty good with using “I” I think… 🙂
2) I did post some patterns – and now have a whole page dedicated to them…see it HERE!
4) (wow, I can count, I promise!) – I did the “Good Finds Thursday” which served as inspiration to me!
3) I’m going to count this because of all of the goals I have made along the way, like my Summer Goals! 🙂


I think this was by far one of the best months this year! There was soo much fun in it! Like my birthday and lots of snow days (which ment NCIS + crafting!)

soooo much snow!!!


not much happened here, lol – I tried to make a to-do list for Spring Break, and failed at completing anything! (I think I managed 1 out of 5 things that I wanted to do!)


I started “Good Finds Thursday” – I liked posting about all the fun things I found – except it stunk when I forgot about it and it was a Thursday afternoon and I was like “Crap! I have to go find things!” haha (and that’s why I’m no longer doing it…) And I didn’t do much crafting, except make a crocheted PEEP!



I made a lot of crocheted bracelets! And finished the cardigan that I was working on. I also finished high school! yay!


Not much crafting went on, mostly just vacationing as I graduated high school…yay for celebrating!


July was by far my most productive month (I didn’t go on vacation and I didn’t have any work to do – a great combination) – I did 14 out of the 20 things on my Summer To Do List (aka Summer Goals). I think my most favorite thing was my whale! ❤ I also saw Despicable Me and went to an awesome book sale – and it’s official – my bookshelf is FULL!


I did more work on my Summer Goals and many other random projects…I also left for school!


I mostly just posted a lot of pictures and Good Finds Thursday posts!


I posted more pictures, and finally did some crafting – I started a prayer shawl and put together a Halloween costume!


I participated in the Thankful 30 Challenge and a ten day Outfit Challenge! And worked more on my prayer shawl and some other miscellaneous items.


I did a ton of Christmas decorating and the making of Christmas gifts! (everything from scarves to coasters and monkeys)

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