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Winter Vacation, part 2

January 14, 2011

I didn’t want to over-load the post with sooo many pictures, so I split it up into 2 parts!

On the first (full) day we were there it was around 15 degrees and was super windy! So we decided to take a drive.

We were really excited about all the snow and it was really cool to drive past frozen lakes and icicle waterfalls (the best was one that was a good 12 feet across and a couple of feet thick and it was blue!)

When we were driving through this next part, it was 5 degrees! Now that’s cold! (we were excited b/c our vacation in ’08 was not this cold! it was drizzling when we were trying to learn how to snowboard haha)

On another day we decided to go to the Olympic Center to go ice-skating.

The night before we watched Miracle so it was really cool to see where it happened! The 1980 rink:

We got to skate in the 1932 rink. We were going to go on the outside 400m speed skating rink – but unfortunately it was starting to melt…ya, it was 5 degrees at the beginning of the week and 55 at the end! *shakes head* crazy weather!

Lake Placid looks really pretty at night, though!

Sorry M & D, you got caught in my pic! 🙂

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