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Shopping Spree!

January 15, 2011

On Friday I went on a shopping spree with two of my very good friends, thanks to my Christmas money from my grandparents! 🙂

First I went to T.J. Maxx and found this cute top for $12.99…

Next were the earrings, on sale at New York and Co for $2.99 each…

sorry these pics are kind of blurry…

Then it was the sequined top that I’d been wanting for a while now and key necklace (another long-awaited purchase) from DEB, which was having a 50%-off-everything-going-out-of-business-sale:

Next door was a Borders Express, which was also having a going-out-of-business-sale, where I bought Paper Towns for $1.70! (This is a book that I’ve wanted for a while…)

Last but most certainly not least is the pea coat!!! I found this at Forever 21 for $15.99! I’m excited to have a nicer looking coat!! 🙂

*sigh* I love having no sales tax on clothes!! 🙂 Also, I’d been craving for Chick-fil-A for a while, so that was my dinner. ^_^

Wondering what I spent in total? I was, soo….$52.30 + $6.25 (Chick-fil-A) = $58.55 (If I hadn’t bought everything on sale and hadn’t gotten that top at TJ Maxx I would have spent $106.75! Yay for saving over $50! 🙂 )

Whoo!! That’s a lot of money!!! But I’m pretty satisfied because everything that I bought (excluding food) was on sale (except for the top, but that was from TJ Maxx). So I consider this a major success!!! 🙂 I usually never find anything when I go to the mall, so, yay!!

Now if I can now fit everything in my tiny suitcase…I also got 2 pairs of jeans, a cute cardigan, and a beautiful new pair of boots here….haha packing is gonna be fun. 😉

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