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The Midwest “Blizzard”

February 1, 2011

yup. that’s what’s going on right now. 🙂

Yesterday I got out of classes early because of it – and it was just raining, but it was started to get icy on the sidewalks and stuff.

I went for a run with some friends around 5:30 (yes we are crazy) and it was sooo much fun! We ran on grass so it wasn’t super slippery, but our feet got soaked! The sky looked really cool, though, because it was kind of pink and it was barely raining/sleeting when we were out there (thankfully) so it was pretty nice.

Then school got canceled for today! Wahoo!! Some people in my building really went crazy…they were yelling and running around. Strange. haha

Anyways, on our day off we decided that we really wanted to make cookies, so we went all the way to the grocery store – about a 20 minute walk away – to get a tube of cookie dough. It was an adventure ^_^

So it pretty much iced all day…it was really weird on the ground – like sand!

So now we’re all crossing our fingers for no school tomorrow, either! 🙂 We’re under a blizzard watch, so we’ll see. (before this storm, the last time our school canceled school because of the weather was more than 25 years ago!)

Hopefully if you got part of this storm you’re staying safe and warm! 🙂 (and enjoying the fun that goes along with snow/icy stuff 🙂 )

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