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February 4, 2011

Yup! Today’s my birthday! 🙂

I decided that I wanted to set some goals for this year. So here it goes…

19 Things to do When I’m 19

  1. learn how to embroider
  2. knit 2 blankets for charity
  3. do a new diy/pattern each month
  4. read 20 books that have substance
  5. do something with my Italy & Switzerland pics/tickets
  6. work out over spring/summer break
  7. start my Etsy store by Sept 2011
  8. visit a state I have never been to
  9. visit a new country
  10. learn Python (a computer language)
  11. go geocaching
  12. fix Dad’s porthole clock
  13. do something with all of my shells
  14. grow out & cut my hair for Beautiful Lengths (min of 8ins)
  15. eat healthier
  16. de-clutter my room and closet
  17. cook a meal once a week at home
  18. complain less and listen more
  19. be a good friend, sister, daughter, and cousin

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