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February Crazy-ness!

February 20, 2011

This past week has just been hectic! I was gone all weekend, I had a photo crit on Wednesday and didn’t get the pictures for it until Tuesday night, I had an exam on Thursday, an essay due on Friday and the usual physics HW for Thursday (which took me 5 and a half hours!). So ya. I haven’t been around much!

Next week is pretty busy, too, but I’m hoping things will be better/I’ll manage my time better next week, or at least the week after that, and I’ll be back to crafting stuff. Right now I haven’t made anything since the hearts for my friends! 😦 I’m also really behind on my TV shows, lol, the good thing is that I’ve been hanging out with people instead! yay!! One of my friends introduced me to The Big Bang Theory, which is hilarious! 🙂

Also, I’m really excited since my spring break is in 3 weeks!!! It’s coming so quickly – I can’t believe that this semester is almost half over! :O

There’s something else that I’ve been meaning to start on this blog, and that’s outfit entries. This is just me trying to be more creative/less lazy when it comes to what I wear. So here’s my outfit from Saturday tonight:

Shirt: b-day present from my parents! (this is the first time I wore it, too!) – Ann Taylor LOFT (it’s super soft! and I love the satin pocket and the hidden chain (which is kinda hard to see…))

Jeans: Delia’s! (they have short sizes, it makes my day)

Shoes: (can’t see) my Nikes 🙂 I seriously wear these shoes everywhere.

Earrings: 1928 (I think) – b-day present from my friend 🙂

I think the hardest thing about an outfit challenge for me is taking pictures! lol, so I’ll do my best! 😉

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