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Decal Loving via Etsy

February 23, 2011

So today I was thinking that my laptop is pretty boring. It’s really pretty and all, and I love it, however, the top is just black! Here it is:

{image credit}

Anyways…I started thinking that Etsy would have some cute ones…and I was right! 🙂

I was {pleasantly} surprised to see so many Totoro decals! Here’s one of my favorites:

Totoro Full Color vinyl Decal for MacBook 108T

$9.99 from Decalz



Fast US SAME DAY Ship-Macbook/Pro/Air Decal Sticker Sleepy Snoopy


$6.99 from Appledecalshop

They also have this super-cute one fro $7.99

Fast US SAME DAY Ship-Macbook/Pro/Air Decal Sticker Despicable Me

tee hee – I couldn’t resist putting this up here when I saw it!


I really liked this one b/c it wasn’t a full-sized one:

Totoro ipad MacBook laptop decal vinyl sticker

$10 from RebelGraphX


Tribal Sea Turtle:

Tribal Sea Turtle - vinyl decal wall sticker

$14 – elmostudio


This one made me laugh 😉

Don't Panic - iPad Layered Vinyl Decal - Red and Black

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, anyone? 🙂

This one comes in 2 rectangles!

$12 from LapTatt


okay that was fun! 🙂 I’m going back to looking for one to buy…possibly 🙂 …like if I can find a good one that’s not for a mac -.-

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