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Life Update!

March 1, 2011

So I had a pretty chill weekend.

On Friday I watched a bunch of TV while knitting and then watched “Zoolander” with my friends (one had never seen it!).

On Saturday I got up early to run in a 5k! It was so much fun, but pretty chilly! So I took a nice hot shower when I got back, and pretty much stayed in my room all day except to get food! I was busy reading Paper Towns by John Green, which is an excellent book, and I think I liked it more the second time reading it (this isn’t going to count towards my 20 books for my 19 goals…bummer!).

However, I finally tried Bubble Tea!! And I’m a fan 🙂

On Sunday I spent lots of time outside – it was really nice! 🙂 I saw part of the Oscars, for the first time ever.

And survived my first tornado warning ;). It pretty much just started to down pour and be really windy and lightning, for like 10 minutes – I didn’t even hear the tornado warning siren!

yeah…it was kinda hard to get a picture of that, lol!

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