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March 28, 2011
It snowed. Last Friday I woke up to sleet/snow. It snowed most of Saturday. It was kind of shocking considering that on Monday and Tuesday I was wearing shorts….and it was like 75 degrees.

Friday morning

This is Saturday afternoon – look how big those flakes are!!! I think we got at least 3 inches!
It was really interesting to see a mix of spring and winter though…

snow-covered blossoms

We still had our 5k though…and people came! yay!!! Not as many as would have come, but considering the weather, not bad! It definitely made for an interesting race – though I spent all day inside! (yay for working the registration!! 🙂 )

so much snow!!!

The funny thing is though, it was super sunny on Sunday so most of the snow disappeared in a few hours!
*shakes head* Midwest weather never ceases to amaze me!
(I’ve had snow in March before, but never in the same week as 80 degree weather!)
Also, why did I have to lose my hat? 😦
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