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Weekend Update

April 4, 2011

Malori did this on her blog, Sunday Morning Sugar, so I decided to do it too, since I was planning on sharing my awesome weekend, anyways!


I went to a fish fry with one of my friends that was held at our church group here at school. Then we did some homework while waiting for the sun to go down. Once it was dark enough we went outside and took some pictures for my B&W class – the assignment is Film Noir, so I wanted to take pictures at night (unfortunately they didn’t turn out! 😦 I developed my film today, with no luck! But we’re trying again tonight!)

Then we and some other friends got crepes and played Pictionary! 🙂 I also watched an episode of NCIS and went to bed.



Saturday was super busy! But it was sooo much fun!!!

We had Residential College Olympics that morning/afternoon – basically the dorms here are grouped together and so we had a giant competition – I ran a “5k”, and participated in tug-of-war, dodgeball, Twister, and four square. It was really cool to see everyone walking around in their res colleges’ shirts – also it was so nice outside! (I even got a little sunburn on my face!)

Then one of my roommates and I went to go see Harry Shum Jr. aka Mike Chang from Glee!!! He did a dance segment and then a Q&A – he’s really funny!

Then a group of friends and I went out to dinner for our friend’s birthday! 🙂

Then that night was our engineering school dance! (everyone is welcome to it, btw!) It was soooo awesome! My friend and I stayed for 3 hours until it ended! lol 🙂 They had black lights, good musics and A LIGHT UP DANCE FLOOR. It was awesome. 😀 Also I decided to wear like 3in heels…which is great for height reasons, but my feet weren’t such a fan (aka the shoes didn’t stay on my feet that long! lol)


I slept in until noon. It was very nice! 😀 I took some pictures, talked to my friend on Skype, went running, went to a club meeting, went to church, and did homework. Oh and procrastinated between church and homework with tons of YouTube videos XD

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