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Philly-philled week! (part 1)

June 1, 2011
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I must admit that I failed to resist the urge to say “Philly-philled” lol! 😀 (I almost had “Philly-filled” but it just didn’t look as cool, lol!)

Anyways, I live near Philadelphia but never really visit the city, but my friend from college whose parents live near by was home for a week and my sister and her boyfriend came home for the weekend, so I ventured to the city a lot!

I’ve now been to Pat’s and Geno’s for cheese steaks! Yum!!! I LOVE cheese steaks!! (I always get them w/Provolone cheese and onions)

Pat’s is the more intense place to order a steak, though they are both pretty similar.

Here’s a sign that’s hanging by the order window:

And here’s my steak:

It’s funny because the first time I went to the city this week – and to get cheese steaks – I went with 2 friends and they said that they liked Pat’s better. Then on Saturday I went with my sisters and one of their bf’s and my sisters said that Geno’s was better!

So here’s what Geno’s looks like…

It is way more flashy than Pat’s, that’s for sure! haha unfortunately I have no pictures of it :/ Anyways, I decided that I should try Geno’s this time, so here’s that steak…

It was delicious, too! We were thinking that we liked the bread at Geno’s better than Pat’s but I must say I don’t really have a preference…haha that probably makes me a bad Philadelphian, whoops!

Also I kinda took lots of pictures, so there’s more to come! 🙂

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