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Philly-philled Week! (part 2)

June 2, 2011

Both days I went into the city, I visited the Liberty Bell!

We also sat in George Washington’s pew in Christ Church

(sorry it’s kinda hard to read….)

We also sat in the pews of Ben Franklin and Betsy Ross. Pretty cool stuff!

We also walked past city hall, which I’d never seen before!

That’s pretty much it, as far as pictures (well, good ones anyways) go…we also went to Reading Terminal Market, Elfred’s Alley, and the LOVE statue. I’m glad that I’ve seen more of Philly and have finally had a true cheese steak! 😉

On Sunday we went back to the city to do a 5k for ovarian cancer research. It was a pretty good race – it was hot out, though! They had a lot of good food, though! lol 🙂 I was also excited because I got to drive there and back, and I can pretty much count the number of times I’ve driven on the highway on one hand, and I’ve had my licence for over 2 years….gah, it was good highway driving practice, too, since we left pretty early…. 🙂

That pretty much sums up my adventures in Philly! Though we did have a very interesting time leaving the city when I was with my friends…we accidently went over the Ben Franklin bridge….which goes to New Jersey…ya that was interesting lol! We were also driving during rush hour (*face palm*) so….we ended up being in the car for 2+ hours…. (at most that drive should have taken an hour…)

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