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Another Goals Update

June 14, 2011

I thought I’d do one more update until August…

Here they are: (I’m going to cross out things I’ve finished, and italicize things that are in progress)

19 Things to do When I’m 19

  1. learn how to embroider
  2. knit 2 blankets for charity
  3. do a new diy/pattern each month
  4. read 20 books that have substance (11/20 as of June 14th)
  5. do something with my Italy & Switzerland pics/tickets (I’ve got all the pictures on the pages, I just need to write out the words and make it pretty-ful! 🙂 )
  6. work out over spring/summer break (I worked out over spring break!)
  7. start my Etsy store by Sept 2011
  8. visit a state I have never been to (I went to OHIO w/Running Club :)  )
  9. visit a new country (I’m heading to Europe as we speak!)
  10. learn Python (a computer language)
  11. go geocaching
  12. fix Dad’s porthole clock
  13. do something with all of my shells
  14. grow out & cut my hair for Beautiful Lengths (min of 8ins) (cutting it off in August!)
  15. eat healthier (my family has always eaten homemade food and good food has been on even more of a health kick recently…)
  16. de-clutter my room and closet
  17. cook a meal once a week at home
  18. complain less and listen more
  19. be a good friend, sister, daughter, and cousin

The last 2 are kind of hard to judge…they’re mainly there just for a reminder 🙂

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