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End of Summer Update

August 30, 2011

Yup it’s that time again already! I’m excited for the new school year – it’s going to be super busy, and hopefully tons of fun 😀 (and studying, of course!) unfortunately there probably won’t be a lot of crafting going on…though I plan to work on some blankets (or other easy stuff) while watching TV 🙂

So, it’s time for look at my list of goals!

(crossing out things I’ve finished, and italicize things that are in progress)

19 Things to do When I’m 19

  1. learn how to embroider
  2. knit 2 blankets for charity (1 in progress)
  3. do a new diy/pattern each month (I kinda missed July…and April….)
  4. read 20 books that have substance (13/20)
  5. do something with my Italy & Switzerland pics/tickets (still a work in progress!)
  6. work out over spring/summer break
  7. start my Etsy store by Sept 2011 (this is sooooo not gonna happen, darn! but I don’t really have time this year :(  )
  8. visit a state I have never been to
  9. visit a new country
  10. learn Python (a computer language)
  11. go geocaching
  12. fix Dad’s porthole clock (funny story about this below!)
  13. do something with all of my shells
  14. grow out & cut my hair for Beautiful Lengths
  15. eat healthier (will definitely need to work on this at school…)
  16. de-clutter my room and closet
  17. cook a meal once a week at home (I missed 2 weeks… :/)
  18. complain less and listen more
  19. be a good friend, sister, daughter, and cousin

Alright! 6 out of 19! (With 2 that can’t be measured, 6 in progress and 1 that’s not going to happen)

Okay, so ready for the funny story about the porthole clock? So I was going to buy a replacement clock part at JoAnn’s but they didn’t have them in the store. Then my dad was looking at the clock and realized that there was a “Start/Stop” switch that was on “Stop”. So naturally, when it was on “Start”, with a battery in it, it worked! hahaha well, that was easy 😉

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