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Mini Minion!

August 9, 2013

I love the Despicable Me minions! I’ve made a large one in the past (you can see Carl here), but I really wanted some tiny ones ^_^. This guy is about 5″ or so.

Minion Army!

(I made this first minion with few materials at my disposal, I’m sure you can make yours look more realistic!)


Yellow, blue, black, grey yarn – this pattern is good for scraps! 🙂
Crochet hook – G
yarn needle
Black puffy paint
Googly Eyes (.6″)


1. With blue, MR 6 (6)
2. *2 sc in next st* around (12)
3. *1 sc, 2 sc in next st* around (18)
4-6. Sc around
Next rnd is starting Overall Bib/Arm Holes
7-8. sc 4 in blue (front bib), sc 4 in yellow (arm hole 1), sc 6 in blue (back bib), sc 4 in yellow (arm hole 2)
9-15. sc around with yellow
16. *4 sc, 1 dec* around (15)
17. *3 sc, 1 dec* around (12)
18. *dec 1* around (6)
Cut yarn and pull through. Using needle, close any remaining gaps.

Arms (make 2):

With yellow, ch 4, sl st into first st to make them into a round
1-6. sc
Ch 3, turn, sc 2 (this is the thumb) (you might want to switch to black to make his hand look like gloves!)
7-8. Sc 3 around (ignoring thumb)
9. dec 1, sc, cut yarn and pull through.

Legs (make 2):

With blue, ch 4, sl st into first st to make them into a round
1-4. sc
switch to black yarn
5. Ch 4, turn, sc 3 (top of foot), continue to sc around (7)
6. sc around
7. *dec 1* around, sc, cut yarn, stuff the feet a bit, and weave the end closed.

Overall Straps (make 2):

With blue, ch 12. – make sure this will span from the front to the back of the bib, depending on how tight your stitches are you may need more or less. I also suggest making these tight.
Cut yarn, leaving long enough ends on either side to sew to body.


With grey, ch 8, or however many chains it takes to circle your googly eyes. Make 1 for each eye!

Putting It All Together

Sew legs to the bottom of the blue part. Make sure the feet are pointing the right way forward! (toward side with the smaller blue bib)

Sew the arms on the sides, about 2 rnds about the blue, make sure the thumbs are pointing in.WP_001354

Sew the straps from one corner of the bib to the one behind. (I only secured the straps on the ends, but feel free to do more if you wish)

Sew on his goggles.

With puffy paint, draw a G on his front bib.


minion in-progress

Glue the eye(s) on. If you put on 2 eyes, make sure they’re pretty close together.

After the glue and paint are dry, draw on a black strap and hair (can use puffy paint or yarn)

Don’t forget to give him a smile or something! 🙂

You’re minion is complete! Now go make an army of them! 😀


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